Here is where our amazing teachers introduce structured learning along with play-based activities.

Our STEAM and LEAP programs blossom as we work with each child individually, and as a group, to build upon the foundation we have created in previous classrooms.

Preschoolers work on their social and emotional development by learning how to positively interact and play well with others. In the preschool classroom, your child is introduced to important objective concepts including mathematics, language formation, and social manners to name just a few.

Success in School

  • Encouraged to ask questions for clarity and understanding.
  • Responds and interacts with stories.
  • Verbally counting 1-15 with accuracy.
  • Uses position terms such as in, on or under.
  • Refines grasp to manipulate tools and objects.

Success in Life

  • Begins to listen and follow multi-step directions with support.
  • Participates in two-way conversations.
  • Recognizes own emotions and emotions of others.
  • Uses words, phrases, and actions to express feelings.
  • Builds self confidence with abilities and accomplishments.

Preschool Care Offered At The Weston Schools

Avon, IN

8111 Weston Ave
Avon, IN 46123
(317) 272 – 2336

Indianapolis, IN

7050 Coffman Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46268
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Noblesville (East), IN

2291 Greenfield Ave
Noblesville, IN 46060
(317) 674-8528

Noblesville/Westfield, IN

3100 Westfield Rd
Noblesville, IN 46062
(317) 399-7551

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