A Unique Approach

The Weston School is committed to the success of your child. Our goal is to deliver results for your child and show the value of our services from the start. Here is what you can expect during the first few weeks and months:

Education Orientation

Our process begins by scheduling an Education Orientation meeting with you two weeks after your child’s start date.


During the first two weeks, we assess your child on developmentally appropriate objectives for their age group. We then compare their assessment to the developmentally appropriate standards according to the Department of Education’s Early Learning Foundations. This helps us understand and explain where your child is now and where they should be.

Set Goals

We then partner with you to come up with goals and objectives for your child to accomplish by the first parent teacher conference.

First Parent Teacher Conference

At this conference, we discuss the goals we set in the Education Orientation. We then set goals for the next six months and conduct a parent teacher conference every six months after that to ensure your child is getting the best results possible.

Parent Partnership: You Are Not Alone

The two most important places in your child’s life are school environment and home environment. Your child observes and learns from your language use, behavior, actions, and interactions at all times.

It is fundamentally important to your child that the home environment supports the learning environment at school. This is why, at every Education Orientation and Parent-Teacher Conference, we will not only go over goals for your child, but offer you information and best practices to use at home.

This strengthens our partnership and affirms our mutual goal for your child to have success in school, success in life.

“A supportive learning environment reduces the risk of children experiencing developmental delays.”
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