At The Weston School, our relationship with the parents are extremely valuable to us. Having a hand in your Child’s development and caring for their everyday needs requires a trusting relationship between our team and your family. We understand that trusting someone else with your loved ones is not always easy. That’s why we continue to set safety, nurturing, and learning standards that build trust and confidence with our students and families so that you can know that your children are in caring hands as they grow and prepare for future success.

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I happened to drive by 3 daycares today while out running errands. Your daycare is the ONLY one that had more than one adult out watching the  children. It was also the only daycare where the adults were actually supervising the kids! The other daycares I passed had only one adult and their nose was buried in their phone. Thank you so much for providing safe childcare for my son! We appreciate you!” Liz

“Your staff and your program has been such a blessing to our family during such an emotional—and if I’m being honest, traumatic—time in our lives. The structure that is provided has been so beneficial for our son, and your staff are all simply amazing. I can’t say enough good things about Brittany, as she has been instrumental in his transition from a poor situation in a program with little interest in a positive relationship with him or us. The kindness, patience, and understanding that has been shared with us has me wishing I would have made this transition the minute you all opened.

“I love how the staff utilize the PreciousStatus app. They do a wonderful job of balancing group messages with individual messages specific to our child, and I especially LOVE how they tie each activity to IDOE’s early learning foundations. This whole process is a great way for me and my husband to be engaged and involved in his learning each day. We can continue this lessons through our conversations of an evening. Not to mention how wonderful it is to just have an idea of what he is learning about.”

“Our little guy actually talks about school now. He told me he was building a boat out of shapes and has to finish it ‘tomorrow’, and for the first time ever he came home singing songs that he’s learned in the classroom.”

“I literally cannot say enough good things. We are so happy with our choice to start at your center. Like I said, I wish we would have done it sooner.” Lacey and Justin

“We consider ourselves blessed to have our children enrolled at ABC‘s and 123’s Learning Center.  From the moment we walked in to take a tour to the present, we have experienced professional, caring staff that are truly involved in our children’s well – being. Every member of the team treats the children as if they were their own, going the extra mile to assure their safety and happiness in a supportive learning environment.”

“I have had in depth discussions with each of the kid’s teachers (who always make themselves available to speak with).  They individualize their training, gearing their approach to each child’s learning pace.  I also enjoy receiving updates throughout the day keeping me in the loop on my child’s progress and accomplishments. Our kids even notice the difference over their prior school, expressing their joy to go daily and disappointment when ABC is closed on the weekends.

“The difference between ordinary and the extra ordinary is the EXTRA.  Thanks ABC’s and 123’s Learning Center for providing the extra and setting yourselves apart from the competition.  A huge thank you to all of the staff that give such great care to our children.” Mary D.

“I am so impressed with everything about ABC’s & 123’s. My kids are happy to go to school each day and are rarely ready to head home. I love the PreciousStatus app as well. The teachers update it regularly throughout the day and it is so fun to see what my kiddos are up to. Seems like they are always doing some awesome sensory play or creative activity. [My child] still talks about how the librarian stopped by to read to his class, he loved show and tell, and is looking forward to the Valentine’s day party. You all are wonderful and I am so relieved that my kids are in good hands. Please communicate to [my children’s] teachers how appreciative my husband and I are!!  They ROCK!”

“My husband and I have been bringing our 9 month old son to ABCs and 123s Learning Center in Avon since he was 9 weeks old.  I was so afraid to put him into any daycare, hating to put him in the care of strangers and fearing that he wouldn’t receive the kind of attention, nurturing, and love I had been giving him at home during my maternity leave.  It didn’t take long, however, for us to see that the infant room teachers were as warm and nurturing as I could ever have hoped for, and the entire staff treated him like family.  My son lights up every morning when he sees his teachers, he has friends among the other children in the class, and other members of the staff who aren’t even directly responsible for his care come down to the infant room to see him and play with him.  Everyone there seems to genuinely adore him, and it gives me so much comfort to know that they are not only meeting his basic needs but teaching and loving him as well.  We’re very grateful we found ABCs and 123s Learning Center, and we know our son is very happy there”. Alison B

“When looking into daycare for my 4 year old, I called and the took time out to answer all of my questions and concerns. They even gave me a tour of the facility and explained what the kids to on a day-to-day basis. Everyone is very nice and I appreciate them enrolling my son instantly”. Jessica L

“My child has grown in leaps and bounds. She has grown in all aspects. She is learning to be social and her education is wonderful. I am very pleased with the school”. Treva N

“I have been very happy the services provided. The staff is very friendly and very attentive to my child’s needs. My daughter looks forward to coming here every day, that makes me feel confident that she is being cared for. They have made learning fun for her. We are happy to be a part of this learning center!” Cheznycah R

“I’ll put into words how Todd and I feel about Kenzie’s experience at ABC’s and 123’s Learning Center, and you can take what you like from it.

When we got the notification that Makenzie’s mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness in April, our family had no idea what changes would occur as the result. I went to speak with Kim, Makenzie’s mother, and we talked about the placement she wanted to see Makenzie in after she was gone. Little did we know how soon that would be. Because of the money situation, Makenzie’s big sister had to do most of the child care for Makenzie, and having had no experience of her own, did not have the knowledge it took to take care of Makenzie effectively. When Todd and I knew we would be taking guardianship of her, we set out first to find a child care center that would meet all of our needs effectively and efficiently, also taking into consideration the difficulties we were undertaking with Makenzie. At that time, she was still in pull-ups on a continuous basis. No one finished the toilet training, and we needed her ready for Kindergarten.

When we put in the request at ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center, and the staff was very accommodating, seeing our dire situation. Makenzie’s first day was magical! Her teacher was very supportive in assisting us with toilet training, and requested she be in underwear from that point forward. Makenzie was greeted by 2 little girls who immediately made her feel welcome and at home, and it made me feel much better about leaving her to an unknown set of people. That was May 23. Since that time, Makenzie has started to speak much more clearly, and only mumbles when she is upset or very tired. Todd and I could not be more pleased with the care Makenzie has gotten at ABC’s & 123’s, and are excited about the progress she has made. Every afternoon she comments on how much fun she has had, and looks forward to going to school every morning. The staff are always in a good mood, and every person I have seen there always has a smile on their face.

Even in our family’s most challenging time, the staff have been wonderful, and I would eagerly recommend ABC’s & 123’s Learning Center to any parent interested in putting their child in an early childhood development facility.” Brenda K

“She has grown so much by attending ABC123, and we have appreciated all your assistance with her this past year. We will forever be grateful for kindness and willingness to work with us in our biggest time of need. Her success this past year should be celebrated by the staff that works there as much as we have celebrated it. Thank you so much for all you do, and keep up the great things you are doing at ABC123!” Brenda K

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