When it comes to childcare in Indiana, you’ve got options! And while some parents are fortunate enough to have family members and friends available to help care for their children, others parents choose to send their children to a home daycare, use a private childcare center or enroll them in a part-time public preschool. All of these options have pros and cons, but there are a few basic things to look for when making your childcare decision: Indiana state law requires childcare providers to meet basic safety requirements that include: Acquiring

  With an ever-increasing number of families dependent on both parents to bring in income, the need for quality childcare continues to be in high demand. With so many options and providers to sift through, how can you know if you’re making the right decision for your family? Let this short list of options help you decide which path is right for you. What is a preschool, what is a daycare, and how do they differ? Both preschool and daycare offer a place for your children to be supervised during their parents’ working

Your kids are your world, and the time has come to start considering options for childcare, which begs the question—what should you consider when deciding who will be taking care of your child? Aside from hiring a private Nanny, which can be costly and difficult to find the “right fit” for your family, there are two popular options—daycare and preschool. Check out this quick infographic that gives a quick overview of the main differences between daycare and preschool: From the image above, you can clearly see that all childcare options are not